2020 Annual Meeting Postponed: The Oregon Town Board has postponed the 2020 annual meeting.  The date of the annual meeting will be decided at the town board meeting on Tuesday, June 2, 2020.


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Wed, 27 May 66°F 81°F Rain starting in the afternoon.
Thu, 28 May 57°F 72°F Rain in the morning and afternoon.
Fri, 29 May 49°F 63°F Partly cloudy throughout the day.
Sat, 30 May 45°F 67°F Partly cloudy throughout the day.
Sun, 31 May 43°F 71°F Clear throughout the day.
Mon, 1 Jun 50°F 68°F Rain overnight.
Tue, 2 Jun 59°F 81°F Rain in the morning.
Wed, 3 Jun 70°F 88°F Humid and mostly cloudy throughout the day.