Property Asmt & Tax Info

Receipts for Tax Payments

As income tax season gears up, a lot of residents need a copy of their property tax bill receipt. While tax receipts are available at Town Hall, they are also available on AccessDane.

  1. Go to
  2. Click the Public Access button
  3. Click Parcel Information
  4. Search by either Owner Name, Parcel Address, or Parcel Number.
  5. Click on the correct parcel
  6. On the right hand side, under Tax Information, click E-Receipt.

Tax information Websites

Property Assessment and tax information for properties within the Town of Oregon are available at the following websites:

Access Dane – Free Site.
Search for property by name, property address or parcel number.
Information provided includes land and improved value assessment, amount of property tax and owner information.

Assessor Data – Free Site.
Search for property by address.
Information provided included year built, size of home and building description.

Assessor Data Commercial Site – Nominal Fee.
For professionals seeking detailed information regarding properties within the Town of Oregon.
Information provided will include all information available on the property record card and picture if available.

If you have any questions, please contact Assessor, Andy Blomstrom at 835-5321.

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Lottery Credit

If you recently built or moved to the Town of Oregon as your primary residence, you need to complete a Lottery and Gaming Credit Form.  Failure to complete this form will result in the credit NOT being applied on your tax bill.
Copies of the form are available here (Lottery Credit forms) or call the Clerk’s office at 835-3200.