Dane County Natural Hazard Mitigation Plan: The Town of Oregon is part of the Natural Hazard Mitigation Plan.   The Plan was adopted by the Dane County Board of Supervisors in August 2022 and was recognized by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) in December 2022 as the County’s official plan. This enables Dane County and participating municipalities to apply for disaster related grants to implement projects and programs identified in the Plan. https://em.countyofdane.com/hazards/mitigation-plan Natural Hazard Mitigation Planning Dane County is subject to natural hazards that threaten life and health and cause extensive property damage. Dane County has received Federal disaster declarations on 15 occasions since 1976. That equates to a frequency of a natural disaster declaration nearly every three years. In addition, almost every year, there are significant weather events that cause major damages for which Federal disaster assistance is not granted. Most people who live or work in Dane County have been affected by natural hazards in one way or another. Dane County and its residents are vulnerable to a variety of hazards including extreme temperatures, severe winter weather, tornadoes, and floods. Natural hazards in Dane County have caused injury and loss of life, severe property damage, interruption of the delivery of vital goods and services, disruption of local economies, and harm to the natural environment.    


Accurate Assessor Letter/Field Work

Please be aware that Accurate Appraisal has mailed letters like the one below to some town residents.  The Town of Oregon contracts with Accurate for assessment of property. 

If you have any concerns, please reach out to them at 1-800-770-3927 or info@accurateassessor.com  If you have any futher concerns, you can reach out to Account Manager Amanda Meade at 920-749-8098 or amandam@accurateassessor.com 


Accurate Appraisal LLC

PO Box 415

Menasha, WI 54952


May 2, 2022




As the contracted assessor for your municipality, Accurate Appraisal, LLC, will visit your property located at

«St_Name» within the next 60 days. The purpose of this visit is for reviewing property characteristics to

develop fair and current values for the purpose of property tax assessment. This process ensures all property is

taxed fairly.

Properties viewed annually include but are not limited to those that have had a recent sale, acquired a building

permit, needs data verification, or land that needs classification.

To ensure receiving a complete and accurate valuation, it benefits the homeowner to provide interior viewing

access of their residence when requested. For the purposes of valuation if access is denied, the assessor will then

base the valuation on the next best information available. However, if facts exist making an interior view

necessary to complete an accurate valuation, the assessor may seek a special inspection warrant per section

66.0119 of the Wisconsin Statutes to view the interior of the home. Section 70.05(4n) of the Wisconsin statutes

requires the following notice:

You have the right to refuse entry into your residence pursuant to section 70.05(4m) of the Wisconsin

statutes. Entry to view your property is prohibited unless voluntarily authorized by you. Pursuant to

section 70.05(4m) of the Wisconsin statutes, you have the right to refuse a visual inspection of the

interior of your residence and your refusal to allow an interior inspection of your residence will not be

used as the sole reason for increasing your property tax assessment. Refusing entry to your residence

also does not prohibit you from objecting to your assessment pursuant to section 70.47(7) of the

Wisconsin statutes.

In the event the property owner isn’t home during our visit, we will leave our contact information on the main


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us info@accurateassessor.com or 800-770-3927.

Thank you for your cooperation with this matter.


Accurate Appraisal, LLC