Noxious Weed Notice: TOWN OF OREGON NOXIOUS WEED NOTICE   Notice is hereby given to each and every person who owns, occupies or controls land in the Town of Oregon, Dane County, State of Wisconsin, is required by law to cut or destroy all noxious weeds, including all Canada thistle, leafy spurge, and field bindweed (creepin Jenny) before such weeds bloom, bear seed and spread to adjourning properties, as required in Section 66.0407 of the Wisconsin States Statutes. Photos Available Here: Regulated Terrestrial Invasive Plants in WI If property is found not in compliance with the above Notice, the Town of Oregon shall issue an Official Notice stating that action must be taken within five days of the written notice or the Town of Oregon will destroy the weeds at the responsible person’s expense.     Dated this 13th day of April, 2022.   Wayne L. Ace, Town Chairman       Posted May 3, 2022 


Hillcrest Park Community Input Meeting

The Town of Oregon Park’s Committee invites the Hillcrest Neighbors to share thoughts regarding the future of the Hillcrest Neighborhood Park. Meeting to be held on Monday, May 9th, 2022 at 6:30 pm at the Town Hall located at 1138 Union Rd., Oregon, WI 53575. 

Town of Oregon

Park Committee Agenda

Monday, May 9th , 2022

6:30 PM

Oregon Town Hall

1138 Union Road


Oregon, Wisconsin


1.      Call meeting to order.

2.      Roll Call.

3.      Approval of minutes from the last meeting.

4.      Public Comments and Appearances.

5.      Eagle Scout Project Presentation.

6.      Hillcrest Neighborhood Park public input/discussion/comments

7.      Discussion and possible Action re: recommendations/decisions from the Town Board.

8.      Review of potential work projects.

9.      Communications.


10.  Adjournment.