Dane County Natural Hazard Mitigation Plan: The Town of Oregon is part of the Natural Hazard Mitigation Plan.   The Plan was adopted by the Dane County Board of Supervisors in August 2022 and was recognized by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) in December 2022 as the County’s official plan. This enables Dane County and participating municipalities to apply for disaster related grants to implement projects and programs identified in the Plan. https://em.countyofdane.com/hazards/mitigation-plan Natural Hazard Mitigation Planning Dane County is subject to natural hazards that threaten life and health and cause extensive property damage. Dane County has received Federal disaster declarations on 15 occasions since 1976. That equates to a frequency of a natural disaster declaration nearly every three years. In addition, almost every year, there are significant weather events that cause major damages for which Federal disaster assistance is not granted. Most people who live or work in Dane County have been affected by natural hazards in one way or another. Dane County and its residents are vulnerable to a variety of hazards including extreme temperatures, severe winter weather, tornadoes, and floods. Natural hazards in Dane County have caused injury and loss of life, severe property damage, interruption of the delivery of vital goods and services, disruption of local economies, and harm to the natural environment.    


Annual Meeting – Voting Allowed Only In-person


Annual Meeting Agenda April 19, 2022

6:00 p.m.

Notice is hereby given, the Annual Meeting of Electors of the Town of Oregon, Dane County, Wisconsin will be held in the Oregon Town Hall, 1138 Union Road Oregon, WI 53575 on Tuesday, April 19, 2022 at 6:00 p.m.  Zoom connection is a courtesy for the Annual Meeting as all voting is allowed only in-person. 

Join Zoom Meeting https://us02web.zoom.us/j/89350738038?pwd=dll6NU1iTnR1YUdsd0hlUFI3VGJmdz09   Meeting ID: 893 5073 8038 Passcode: 120705

Dial by your location (312) 626-6799 US (Chicago)


1.     Call to Order


2.     Approval of minutes from the 2021 meeting


3.     Set date of 2023 Annual Meeting (Statutory Date April 18, 2023) at 6:00 pm


4.     Oregon Area Fire EMS District – Chief Glenn Linzmeier


5.     Financial Report by Treasurer – Deputy Clerk/Treasurer Goth


6.     2021 Budget Comparison – Clerk Hanson


7.     Oath of Office for Town Officials

Carl Walser – Town Board Supervisor

Arlan Kay – Town Board Supervisor


8.     Recognition of Arlen Christensen


9.     Oregon Senior Center – Rachel Brickner


10. Belleville Fire EMS Report – Jason Marshall


11.   Brooklyn Fire EMS Report – Mark O’Brien/Fred Clark


12.   Anderson Park Friends Report – Roe Parker


13.   Possible motion to abolish the office of constable effective at end of term to contract additional police hours with the Dane County Sheriff’s Department.


14.   Any new business from the floor allowed under Wis. Stats. Ch. 60.10


15.   Adjournment