Nomination Papers: 2022 Election Dates: February 15, 2022 Primary (If necessary) April 5, 2022 August 9, 2022 November 8, 2022 The local offices up for election on April 5, 2022 are: Town Supervisor- Arlen Christensen (incumbent) Town Supervisor – Jason Marshall (incumbent) * 2021 WI Act 33 requires notification of non-candidacy. Because there are two (2) positions available four (4) names may be placed on the ballot. If there are more than four (4) candidates filing qualified nomination papers (submitted by 5:00 p.m. January 4, 2022) there will be a primary election on February 15, 2022. NOMINATION PAPERS Eligible voters who wish to run for office must circulate nomination papers starting no sooner than December 1, 2021. The completed nomination papers must be submitted to the Town Clerk no later than 5:00 p.m. January 4, 2022. Here are two links to help you with the requirements for completing nomination papers. Ballot access checklist. Form ELIS-7. This will tell you all the forms that need to be completed to get the candidates name on the ballot. Nomination paper. Form EL-169 and Instructions. Please contact the Clerk with questions. or by phone (608) 835-3200. You may also contact the clerk to get nomination papers and instructions.